Here is what a few of our customers have to say about

Bear River Plastic Welding:

Hi Dave,
“(The Docks) look so good we want more....”

Guysbrough Water Development

“Just wanted to let you know that your floating dock performed admirably this summer. Including staying put in some heavy winds with both boats tied on. Also wanted to tell you that if you have any potential customers

close to Mushaboom, we would be glad to let them have a look.”

R. Metler

“ Thanks Dave, your service was great and we really love our dock. Would recommend you to anyone.”            

M&T Richardson

“You guys are the best! Because of you keeping me afloat, I really enjoy my summers on the water. Thanks so much!”


Jeeze, Dave! Are you psychic? I just sat down to send you an e-mail with pics about the tanks. Damn, you’re good. The black water tank fits like a glove. Couldn’t be better. 

All tanks – black water and two foam tanks – are excellent products. The workmanship is good, they passed their liquid pressure tests without a problem, and they are dimensionally accurate (a real big issue in shipbuilding). Excellent products; thank you. Your crew should be proud of their handiwork.  

M.Mason, A.F. Theriault and Son Lteé

Hi Dave,

Works great. I put a 25hp, long shaft, 2 stroke on ( the mooring hauler) with an extended handle. We had to move approx. 12 moorings, some up to 1500 ibs (under water) and the pontoon boat handled everything extremely well.

Your attention to detail in making this a great working platform is much appreciated by staff. Other departments are now looking to use it on different projects. Thanks again.

H. Killam (Town of Bridgewater)

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